handcrafted revalued denim

Slow down and enjoy the beauty of used and revalued denim. Contribute to a world
in which there is less waste. Embrace the passion to (re)create in a sustainable way.

Yukkuri products are crafted with attention and imperfect perfection in the smallest of details.
We take used everyday items and leave them with a renewed sense of purpose and meaning.

your world, your thoughts, your yukkuri product

yukkuri studio products

At Yukkuri Studio we create bags, laptop sleeves, coasters and pillows.
All our products are crafted with a fundamental respect for the environment and humankind.
That is why we choose to use ragged and worn jeans as a base for new products.
No new fabric is needed which means less waste.
Influenced by the traditional Japanese tecnhiques of Sashiko and Boro
we can guarantee the uniqueness of each item.



We want to contribute to a world of less waste.
repair service means your favourite jeans can still be worn for years to come.
Sashiko, which means ‘stitch’ or ‘little stab’ is an ancient Japanese mending technique.
Boro refers to ragged clothes being visibly mended through the use of Sashiko.
There can be Sashiko without Boro, but no Boro without Sashiko.
Sashiko is the ultimate way to repair worn denim in a visible way.



Patrijslaan 15
5056 JL Berkel-Enschot NL
  • IBAN NL37 RBRB 0850 1036 81

  • KVK 55026672

  • BTW NL001782214B67


Do you have a question or special request?
Want to collaborate?
Get in touch, we would love to hear from you!

    definition YUKKURI in japanese

    slowly, at ease, restful, without hurry

    My old, ragged yet favourite jeans brought me to the use of the traditional Japanese mending techniques;
    Sashiko and Boro. With these techniques I visibly mended my old beloved jeans. Astonished by the results,
    I further explored these ancient techniques. Sashiko is seen by many as the ultimate way to repair and upcycle ragged and worn denim,
    in a visible way. One of a kind pieces come to life by using this handcrafted technique. These ancient Japanese techniques
    are a great influence on my work as they guarantee each item is unique.

    Yukkuri Studio arose out of this way of working. The name was chosen purposefully. Many Japanese words do not
    have an absolute definition and ‘yukkuri’ is no exception. The term is Japanese for ‘slowly’, but has connotations
    of being at ease or relaxing. These terms fit our drive to create in a sustainable and meaningful way. Working with
    textiles, specifically denim, and adding our own personal recognazible signature brings us great pleasure.

    Yukkuri products are unique and handmade as a reaction to the mass overproduction of clothing in the world.
    By creating in a sustainable way we contribute to a cleaner and liveable world.

    Image: Helen Smeeman


    Helly Coppens, is a designer and craftsperson, with a great passion for textiles, yarns and hand crafted work in general. For many years she had been working in the Fast Fashion industry. An industry which is dominated by cheap and unsustainable methods of production. For many, clothing has become an article of no value. Helly no longer felt comfortable in this volatile world. That is why she chose to walk another path, one in which her creativity could be used in a more sustainable and meaningful way. She got inspired by Japanese mending techniques through her passion to work with tactile materials, crafting with thread and needle. Quality is always above quantity. This way of working is called ‘Slow Design’, where one gets to feel ‘zen’. This is a welcomed effect in a world which can be fast and volatile.


    “Again and again I’m being challenged to make something new from leftover or discarded material. Re-evaluate textile waste, and make it more valuable again. Working with leftover material is not always easy, it is limiting. But these restrictions are pivotal for my design choices, they are the reason that my creativity is challenged continually.”

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